Introduction of UCC

The United Council of Churches (UCC) is a community of Christian denominations that covenant to engage in a common ministry focused on church unity and spiritual transformation through integral mission for Pakistan’s most vulnerable residents, and revitalizing congregations. The UCC is registered with government of Pakistan under the Trusts Act 1882. UCC was founded by Pastor Inayat Jalal in 2006. It is a community of churches on the way to visible unity in Eucharistic fellowship, expressed in worship and in common life in Christ. It seeks to advance towards this unity, as Jesus prayed for his followers, “so that the world may believe.” (John 17:21)


UCC believes that all believers are missionaries. Pakistan is rich in culture and religion. Islam is the major religion but along with it there are other minorities like Christian, Hindu, Sikh and Ahmadi. Christians are the largest minority community in Pakistan. They constitute about 1.6% of the Pakistan’s population about 3,303,615 individuals (2017 Population Census).


The Christian community in Pakistan is living below the poverty line which makes it difficult for them to think beyond bread and butter. The Christians lack influence. In many cases, the Christians are poor and viewed as the ‘lowest of the low’. They are likely to have limited influence and do not have good access to decision makers. That is a huge barrier to cross. They own perceptions of the situation, their fear, and their lack of confidence means that they hesitate to advocate. They view themselves as powerless and do not recognize any power (even if it is only small) they do have. In such circumstances there is a dire need to focus on Christian community to build a better physical and spiritual image of Christians in Pakistan so that they may be empowered to contribute positively in national development of the country.

Welcome to United Council of Churches

Our Vision

We envision fellowship, unity and spiritual transformation of all churches and ministries across Pakistan through integral mission.

Our Mission

The overarching mission of the United Council of Churches is “to pray and work together for the unity, spiritual transformation and holistic development of the church in Pakistan”.

The Message from Executive Director



The year 2018 has been both challenging and rewarding. 2018 is the year in which United Council of Churches emerged as a legal entity. In this year, one of the major challenge was to set up head office of the United Council of Churches and to develop systems, policies and procedures of the United Council of Churches was another great challenge but thanks to God Almighty and the United Council of Churches management who worked really hard and put all things together during the span of 2018.


In 2018, God blessed us with our first partnership with Pakistan Partnership Initiative (PPI). Pak Mission Society (PMS) and Tearfund supported United Council of Churches to get its first partnership. I am really grateful to Pak Mission Society and Tearfund for their support and love for the United Council of Churches.


Whatever we have managed to achieve so far could not be possible without the support and confidence of our donors, supporters and well-wishers. On behalf of the team and the Board, I take this opportunity to thank them for their trust. I thank my team for their ownership of United Council of Churches’ vision and their responsible stewardship of the resources provided by our donors. I believe that God has established the United Council of Churches to bring hope, love and prosperity in the lives of Christians living in Pakistan and to serve the Pakistani Church so that they might be able to give glory to the Lord Most High. I feel confident that God will provide us with necessary human and financial resources to materialize our vision. May God always bless Pakistan and may God always bless each and every one of you and all those whom you love.



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The overarching mission of the united council of churches is “to pray and work together for the unity, spiritual transformation and holistic development of church in Pakistan”.

Core Values

  •  Solidarity
  •  Brotherhood
  •  Equality
  •  Stewardship
  •  Transparency and Accountability

Governance and Management